Gift Card Churning Series

Follow through all of my posts that I have written about gift card churning, some are practical advice and others are my experiences:

Unethical, Profitable Gift Card Churning Machine – I don’t recommend it, but it’s possible to earn an unlimited amount of points

Gift Card Churning – Ask And You Shall Receive Higher Rates – don’t forget to ask your gift card vendor for a higher rate

Gift Card Churn AND Profit – buying gift cards can earn you some extra cash!

Gift Card Churning – Scummy Move? – salami slicing as you gift card churn

Gift Card Churning – Save Even More On Postage – how you can save some money on postage

Upgrading Amazon Gift Cards – you can’t upgrade Amazon gift cards

Thoughts On E-gift Card Redemption – my thoughts on e-gift card redemptions

Gift Card Churning – Bad Scenario Experience – my scenarios of gift card churning gone wrong

Interesting Gift Card Churning Opportunity – an idea to creatively manufacture spend

Gift Card Churning – Plastic Jungle Arbitrage – arbitrage within Plastic Jungle

Gift Card Churning Snafu – on unexpected outcomes

Gift Card Churning Advice – my thoughts and advice on gift card churning

Gift Card Churning Online Redemption – advice to double check which sites allow you to redeem online without a penalty

Gift Card Churning – Selling Too Much – aftereffects of selling too much of one type of gift card

Gift Card Churning Advice – Merchandise Credit Is Not A Gift Card – Merchandise/Store Credit does not sell like gift cards

Gift Card Churning Advice – Knowing Your Limitations – knowing the cards you plan to churn is very helpful

Gift Card Churning – Rejection – when trying to sell gift cards, no one wants to buy

Gift Card Churning – Latest Lessons – what I learned to pass to you on gift card churning

Gift Card Churning – Rejection – Part 2 – another site that wouldn’t buy my gift card

Gift Card Churning – SPG + Cash back = Make Free SPG Points – how I make free SPG points

Gift Card Churning – How To Find A Deal – how I find gift card deals

Gift Card Churning – Discounted Prepaid Cards – where I buy discounted prepaid cards

Gift Card Churning – Failed Sales Vendor – where I reveal which vendor I’ve had the worst success in selling

Gift Card Churning – Turn Failed Sales Into Success – where I provide a crucial tip on selling cards that continuously fail to be purchased

Advice on Selling Gift Cards – why I prefer Cardpool over a site like ABC Gift Cards

Last updated on 04/12/2014