Gift Card Churning – Save Even More On Postage

As I was writing this post, I did not know that cost of postage increased yet again. It is now $.49 to mail a one ounce letter. Fortunately, the flat rate box has stayed the same at $5.80.

While I was mailing out one of my packages to Cardpool using the method outlined in Saving On Postage the clerk noticed after I paid that I had prepaid postage for $.60. I told him it was fine and we’ll work it out for next time. When they reduce the Cardpool postage that would reduce your out of pocket expense from the $5.80 to $5.20 for a 10% savings.

After I wrote the aforementioned post, a friendly reader explained to me that if you buy your postage on eBay with the old gum stamps (where you have to wet the stamps) you could save anywhere from 30 to 40% off. This could be a huge opportunity to reduce your costs to mail out your packages to the gift card exchanges. The downside to these type of stamps is that you must go to a clerk to validate the postage.

The reader cautioned that you have to be aware that there are counterfeit stamps floating around and mentioned to especially be wary of the ones with the QR code. Other printed postage can also be suspect of counterfeits as reported.

The good thing as quoted in the article is if you’re an unknowing buyer it seems like there are no repercussions, except for a returned letter to sender.

Manufacturing or knowingly selling fake postage stamps is a federal crime punishable by fines and/or up to five years in prison. Fortunately for me, it is not a crime to unknowingly purchase fake stamps.

If you buy on eBay, you should always practice caution with a too good to be true deal. It is good to know that eBay’s policy listed is to not allow replica stamps to be sold.

Here is what I did with the latest package I mailed out to Cardpool:

Gift Card


Out of pocket, I paid $1.66 for postage. I shielded the QR code because I don’t want it to be like the stolen bitcoin and my address.

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  • Not sure I follow how you dropped to $1.66 “out of pocket” for postage. How was the difference made up between that and the $5.80 USPS fee?

    • For every invoice/transaction that you submit with Cardpool, it will automatically generate a prepaid postage stamp with mailing label. I created 6 invoices and cut out the QR codes and taped it across the box. Each of the prepaid postages are now $.69 times that by 6 and $4.14 was covered.

      For the small box that was used, 6 is probably the max that you could fit on the box as the clerk had difficulties finding a spot to put the tracking number and the remaining postage.

  • Have you bought the old gum stamps and if so, how much did you save? What do you look for on Ebay to find them and not old used ones? Thanks! Found the blog today and am already hooked. I sell 40-50 items a month on Ebay from thrifting and think I could use some of your tips I’ve read today alone. Maybe use the stamps trick on cheaper items.

  • When you resell to cardpool do you use topcashback to get another 4% back?

    • I did, but I am maxed out with the 4% because I transacted over $1000 with them

  • what is the max per transaction you do w cardpool. I did it twice and one times of $500+ and they denied it. The other one of 800+ went through. These were $50 GC to the same retailer. Just curious. After that experience, I stopped using them.

    • I’ve sent them packages worth $1500 and $2000, but I am also registered as a bulk seller. Even if you are a bulk seller, you can still run into a situation like you just described.

      My experiences have been it depends on the gift card when they reject it. Early in 2013, I was churning $SBUX card like crazy. Then all of a sudden Cardpool stopped taking them. The reason was security. $SBUX cards are easy to transfer online, and when you scratch off the PIN to fill out the form and do large amounts, they want to protect themselves. In order to be able to sell it to them, I stopped scratching the PIN.

      • So how do you fill out their form without scratching the pin?

        • I submit just the gift card number and let CP scratch and reveal the PIN


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