Biggest Blow In Retail Arbitrage Banned At Target

Without dancing around the subject too much, I was banned from Target. They were my number one supplier. 


The History

In February I had just started and ordered 6 units and spent about $50 to test things out. The orange line is the units ordered and the bar is the $ ordered. In June, there was some things happened in my personal life that derailed me from ordering at Target. After that passed, I started to ramp up again and things were nice and smooth. 

How Did The Ban Happen?

Long story short, I was not taking the slow and steady approach. Each month I was increasing my orders and thought Target did not ban anyone. The only bans I knew were from abusing the redcard discount with buying gift cards with gift cards. I banged out orders every day, some times more than one order a day. The hammer fell in September. My belief is that Target updated the back end when they rolled out the new website and started to apply analytics.


Wrapping Up

It hurt my online arbitrage business when Target ultimately ended the relationship. At that point, I had ordered about $29,000 and received almost $1600 worth of gift cards back from their promos. I am still struggling without an easy way to order from Target. Best not to mess up your relationship with Target. 



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  • Is it an email ban, address ban, ip ban? What have you tried to use to get around it? Did they kill your redcard?

  • Sorry to hear. I still dont understand, if you owned a small biz and lets say ordered supplies for export why would you get banned? Was it because they saw all the GC getting mailed out?

    • Target is very anti-reseller, both in their stores and online. They simply don’t like selling to resellers for whatever reason. Stupid, I know, but they prioritize morals over profits I guess.

      • There was a big flap at Target over resellers buying up exclusive products for resale at much higher prices. They got slammed by disappointed customers who were left to buy the products on Amazon or Ebay. PR is more important than pissing off a few resellers, so we have to tread carefully now. It was in all the FBA blogs when it happened. Prior to that fiasco, only some stores took issue with resellers.
        Sears is the only mainstream retailer I have found that is agnostic about resellers. They even offered me access to their bulk buying program and offered SYWR deals. Most retailers limit or exclude resellers from earning rewards.

  • I hope you’ll find another spot.



  • I was recently banned from Target.com. Wondering if you found a way around the ban. Trying to figure out how they are tracking me, by my address, name, etc.

    • How did you get banned?

      • Preordering too many Nintendo Switches. My online orders get cancelled within 1 minute of placing them.

        • How many is too many? 5? 50? Did they ship them and then ban you or did they ban you after a certain number preordered?

          • Around 20. Not sure when the ban happened as I didn’t place another online order until a few weeks after. Surprisingly, they didn’t cancel the orders and all of them shipped.

          • Wow, pretty surprised that they all shipped form a single account. What have you tried to get around the ban?

  • Finally figured out a way last night…but I haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact ways their tracking…i tried multiple accounts with different billing addresses and credit cards but still was getting cancelled. Finally used a VPN on a new account and a checked out with Paypal and the order stuck…I’ll probably play around a little more to see if it’s the VPN or Paypal that’s the trigger.

    • Please keep us posted in case someone else gets banned.

      • If you guys know like minded folks who MS and they want pure points play while you take the cash profit, you could link up with the folks to buy for you and have them ship the product to you. If you don’t want them to have your home address (if that’s where you work out of) you can rent a nearby storage unit and have all the packages go there

    • I was banned too and cant figure out how they are tracking.. tried different ip address, gift cards, email addresses, computers, locations and still they cancel my orders. They must be tracking the gift cards, credit cards and everything else.

    • I have been banned as well.
      What VPN did you try?
      I have been banned on 4 different target red cards, 5 different accounts and now some gift cards will not work. My VPN cyber ghost is not working.
      I have tested different Names, Address,
      The only thing i can think of which they would be able to track me would be IP address or spying on what other websites I have open. However, I can not confirm they are tracking IP yet.

      Any advice on a VPN that would work on their website would be helpful.

  • I got banned too trued new credit card with new billing address and different computer with different IP address it worked once the second order got cancelled. Then tried a new cc new billing address and first order worked second didn’t. What are they tracking?? The cc numbers are different the billing addresses are different IP address is different. Any ideas??

    • Name maybe? What were you ordering?

      • cant be name because millions of people can have the same name. they cant block you for your name.

        • Unless you have a very specific name and an overzealous Target worker notices you buying the same things. What are you ordering?

          I’ve had TRU workers cancel orders when using an address in a different state but the same name and GCs.

          • Makes sense but there are so many people with the same name

          • That are ordering the same items as you from Target?

    • probably through cookies. Try on another computer and see if it lets you


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