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Someone searched and stumbled on to Chasing The Points with this query:

  • advice on selling gift cards from American Express account to ABC Gift Cards

My advice is to check the running list on Gift Card Churning.

As far as selling to ABC Gift Cards, the one thing I did not like was having to pay money for the postage because Cardpool is free. It already costs money to purchase envelopes and print out the information and then to pay for postage reduces the return which causes the dollars per point to increase. One way to reduce costs on the envelopes are to reuse from bills or junk mail that contain a return envelope.

I only had one encounter with ABC Gift Cards where they declined to purchase the gift cards I was trying to sell, so I can not rate how they are. I can say their customer service is quick to respond and more forthcoming than most of the gift card exchange sites. They were the ones that gave me the idea to sell back gift cards without scratching off the PINs on the volatile gift cards like Starbucks.

If ABC Gift Cards offers free postage, I would definitely reconsider my stance and apply for their bulk selling program as they are located in New Jersey. Because of that, the gift cards I sell would reach them faster, thus, the turn around times for churning gift cards would be faster.


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  • Which sites are the most reputable for selling gift cards? I’ve heard that some of them are notorious for not paying you for sending the gift cards in.

    • I’ve worked with Cardpool extensively and Plastic Jungle when they were a B2C company (Business 2 Consumer). I will try again with ABC Gift Cards/Cardcash when I find some good deals.

  • Have you tried selling on Raise.com before? I work with the sales department there and can provide the best rates in the business. We also take every kind of card and store credit. Please send me an email to zack@raise.com or call my office line at (312) 548-1075 and I can tell you more about our site/rates.

    • Thanks Zack, I have not sold on Raise.com before because of the high fees, but I have purchased a decent amount from Raise.

  • Im interested in selling gift cards to cardpool, but Ive read a lot of bad reviews about people who send it in and then cardpool claims the gift cards have no value. Have you ever had this happen while selling? Also, some reviewers claim that when they get rejected and their card gets sent back, the value on the card “mysteriously disappears”….

    • That is quite interesting. I’ve never heard of that before.

      I just completed selling about $14k of face value to Cardpool and that hasn’t happened to me before.

      I have messed up the PINs in the past where I said GC A has $Y and GC B has $Z but it was actually GC A with $Z and GC B with $Y and they told me about it. They also emailed me letting me know that they didn’t receive a gift card too.

      • Thanks for the response, I feel better about trying it after hearing successes, especially ones that large!

        • Np, good luck gift card churning!


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