Gift Card Churning – SPG + Cash back = Make Free SPG Points

For the last month, I have been purchasing a few Paypal My Cash with my American Express Starwood Preferred Guest to load my Paypal account.

Because both financial entities are fairly strict, I run through about $1000 a month. These are my steps that I take to make free SPG points and a little cash back:

  • Sign up for Paypal Mastercard Business Debit Card
  • Buy Paypal My Cash card – fees are $3.95 per card and the maximum value is $500. This comes out to be $.0079 per SPG point like how a Vanilla Reload would come out to be. 
  • Use Paypal Business Debit Card to load GoBank and earn 1% back per load
    • Max load is $200 with a $1000 a month max in the 30 rolling days
    • Cash back would be $2 per load
    • Cash back for the month is $10
    • Make $6 a month
  • Substitute SPG for Citi American Airlines Card and make AA miles
  • Substitue GoBank for Visa Buxx, depending on the flavor load fees could be $2 or $2.50, but you’d net $3 with Nationwide and $2.68 with US Bank

Why would I do this? AMEX is difficult to use to fund online prepaid card accounts as they only accept Visa or Mastercard. Citi charges cash advance fees and would negate any miles because of  it.

Yes, points/miles are forgone when loading GoBank or Visa Buxx with Paypal Mastercard, but this is a cost efficient way of manufacturing SPG or AA miles. Remember, GoBank and Paypal are very strict, and I would not recommend aggressive spending into either accounts.

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  • How do you manage to make the 1% loading gobank? In order to make the 1% the transaction must be no pin. Loading gobank requires pin

    • At the time of writing, that was when GoBank allowed funding online with a debit/credit card. Unfortunately, that feature is now gone.


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