Gift Card Churning – Bad Scenario Experience

I can count on my fingers all the bad experiences I have had with gift card churning.

Not bad, right?

While I was away, I became intimate with my third bad experience.

I am almost 100% sure I made sure to mail out all of my gift cards before I went away to Asia. When I return, I would have a pile of checks waiting for me to be deposited.

One of the days, I received an email from Cardpool stating that it has been over a week and they still did not receive the $75 gift card I mailed in.

After returning, I checked my records and did not document the gift card number.

Fortunately, I purchased it from my usual vendor who has great record keeping and he checked the gift card was still good so I used the lost gift card and ordered another gift card.

My best advice, have a good record keeping of the gift card number and PIN.

This brings up a dilemma I now face when churning gift cards. I mentioned above not to scratch the PIN off and you’ll have a higher success of gift card acceptance. If your gift cards are lost in the mail, you don’t have the PIN to recover.

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