Gift Card Churning – Discounted Prepaid Cards

Since someone posted about it on Flyertalk, the cat is now out of the bag. Ricohitman posted it first, and then the question was posed on Flyertalk.

Here are two receipts of my earlier discovery of buying discounted prepaid cards. I’ve tried every portal to double dip that I am a member of and I received no credit.

  • Shop Discover
  • Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall
  • TopCashBack

Up to four (4) gift cards can be used for the entire purchase.

This was more profitable when Plastic Jungle existed. 3% discount and 2.5% cash back from TopCashBack.

My best advice for cheap Walmart gift cards (after you exhaust TCB + Cardpool), go to Gift Card Mall through TCB and buy GCM gift cards. Then use the GCM gift cards and buy eBay gift cards. You should receive 2% back total with that double dip. Then use the eBay gift card with eBay bucks  for an additional 2% back for 4% back total. Then hardest part is finding a discounted Walmart gift card. See PayPal My Cash & eBay Bucks for a little more details on eBay Bucks and the sign up link.

For the $1200 worth of Walmart gift cards that I used in the transactions below, after cash back I paid about $1080.

Gift Card

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  • Wow! I didn’t think this would work, but you proved me wrong. Cardpool only gives 2% discount on walmart gift cards unfortunately.

    • Yea it’s pretty sad, that’s why I liked having Plastic Jungle around. There can be some good deals found using TopCashBack + Raise, but the payouts take an eternity.


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