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As I’ve previously mentioned, you need to follow your favorite blogger. As bloggers in the credit card arena, at some point, our content will intersect. It is inevitable, but there is still so much out there

Today, I want to do a “putting the money where the mouth is” type of post of what I have been doing lately on what’s been posted:

I product changed my Citi Visa AAdvantage card for a Citi Dividend, I can’t wait for the 5% cashback  And trying to figure out how to get more than one Citi Dividend card as quick as possible, before the DoubleCash takes over. At the bottom, Rapid Travel Chai has 3!

I product changed my Bank of America Alaska Airlines for a Travel Rewards card. While I didn’t do this part on purpose, I had the Alaska Airlines companion pass post to my account and this account will change and not pay the annual fee. If I was able to get the Better Balance Rewards, I was going to subscribe to Free-Quent Flyer – great way to create a recurring monthly statement and helping another great blogger out. I wish I had the foresight in September when I read the post to do the product change.

If the math works out, I have plans to line up my next credit card for the AT&T Universe card, the 2x Thank You Points everyday at retail websites are very compelling. Sure, you could do a Fidelity 2% card, but if you play your cards right, the 1 Thank You Point will be worth more than 1 cent. If it doesn’t work out I’ll product change into a Dividend.

I finally linked all of my AMEX cards with Offersbot

I also linked my American Airlines AAdvantage to US Airways Dividend account – I have 2 US Airways account 1 account is getting miles from the Barclay’s card and the other account is kind just chilling out, so the chilled out account is linked to AAdvantage where I constantly use the AAdvantage E Shopping mall so the won’t never expire.After everything combines the first time, I will request a second time to get my accounts combined.

Lastly, I redeemed $100 from my Cash+ card now, and then will redeem once more later this year for the final extra $25 bonus. This makes me sad because the Cash+ card was pretty awesome. Now it’s getting trimmed more and more each time there’s news.

Finally, in closing: I also F’ed up the Hyatt Stay More Play More promotion. I wasn’t clear enough to the Twitter team and after giving them my Gold Passport number they registered me into my original offer, 20,000 points for 10 nights. I could have done that myself…

Citi Dividend



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