Is everyone excited about the new JetBlue credit card products offered by Barclaycard, fine purveyors of the Hawaiian Airlines® World Elite MasterCard®?  It sure seems that way when all of your favorite blogs are suddenly writing about the card.  This is a friendly reminder that the activity this week is primarily a sales pitch, not analysis or advice.

I’m not privy to commission schedules, but I’d have to assume a new product is going to have a marketing infusion to get people to write about it, in the form of higher payouts for conversion.  The new cards may even be right for you, but think critically about the benefits versus the costs, and don’t take your advice solely from the folks being paid to sell it to you.  Look at the annual fee, look at the benefits, and decide whether you come out ahead.  What I find interesting is that at the moment, I can’t find a clean link to the cards on Barclaycard’s US site.  That may change quickly, or this is possibly a soft launch for affiliate marketers.  In fact, of the blogs I scan each morning – ones that I like for their other content, even – are mostly not written by people who even fly JetBlue yet the posts extolling the virtues of these cards were ready to go all right around the same time.

I was able to Google a clean link to a landing page, so if you were considering these, here you are:

JetBlue Card

JetBlue Plus Card

JetBlue Business Card

I’m not compensated if you click through these, but I couldn’t find them browsing BarclayCard’s site, so I can’t guarantee that no one else is.

Just to be clear, I don’t have a problem with monetizing your content.  This site has ads.  By all means, earn what you can.  Let’s just be clear that sometimes the things that are written about, particularly credit cards, are done so because of the financial incentives offered.  If you see an advertorial, consider the financial motivation to paint the product in a positive light.


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