Hack Hyatt’s Stay More Play More Offer To Something You Want

Thanks to Gary @ View From The Wing I was alerted that Hyatt’s 2015 first quarter “Stay More Play More” offer is live at this link

On the landing page you need to enter your Hyatt Gold Passport number:



After you enter it, you could see an offer like this:



Don’t like it? No worries, I can get what Gary got, a tiered offer up to 65,000 points:



Once you see the initial offer DO NOT HIT REGISTER

Change the hyperlink:


http://hyatt.com/content/partnerlandingpage/en/65KSTAY25.html?gpNumber=[YOUR GOLD PASSPORT NUMBER]&_requestid=339824

Ok, you want to remove the [YOUR GOLD PASSPORT NUMBER] and enter your own Hyatt Gold Passport number and change the 65KSTAY25.html to something like


http://hyatt.com/content/partnerlandingpage/en/20KSTAY10.html?gpNumber=[YOUR GOLD PASSPORT NUMBER]&_requestid=339470

That will give you a 20,000 bonus point stay for 10 nights as I was originally targeted for. 20KSTAY25

Check out the comments and play with the link to find something that you want to fit your first quarter travel needs.

Edit: Here is what we’ve come up with so far

Thanks pfdigest for 2k points 1 stay for: 2KSTAY1B 

And thanks pfdigest for finding with me:  5k points 2 nights it is: 5KSTAY2 (this is the one I’ll be using to stay for the Travel Codex and FT4RL as that’s all my Hyatt stays for Q1)

For the tiered offer of 20 nights +20k = 50000 it is: 50KSTAY20B

Copied from JP below

5 Nights + 5,000 Points = 5,000
10 Nights + 10,000 Points = 15000
15 Nights + 15000 Points = 30,000
20 Nights + 20,000 Points = 50,000

What looks like the best offer which is the tiered 65KSTAY25

15 Nights + 30,000 Points = 30,000

20 nights + 15,000 Points = 45,000

25 Nights + 20000 Points = 65000

22 comments… add one
  • If you want 2K points for 1 stay, it’s 2KSTAY1B

  • Anyone know the ending for the url for the tiered one that gives 50,000 total if stay 20 nights? I played around with a few things without success

    5 Nights + 5,000 Points = 5,000
    10 Nights + 10,000 Points = 15,000
    15 Nights + 15,000 Points = 30,000
    20 Nights + 20,000 Points = 50,000

  • 5KSTAY2 works as well.

    • Yep, just added as you were commenting, thanks! This one is what I’ll be using

      • Tried to register for the 5KSTAY2 after updating the URLand it says the account number is not eligible.

        • I spoke with a rep over Twitter and they said according to the T&C registration opens on the 12th. Let’s try it again then

  • “This Hyatt Gold Passport account number is not eligible to participate in this promotion.” bummer.

    • I think copying and pasting the link and contacting Hyatt GP team will help resolve it.

  • Oh my. You guys are incredible in hacking. Professional hackers

    • I give all props to my pal pfdigest. He figured out the 1 night stay and that in turned helped me figure out the offer JP was looking for.

  • Would paid upgrades count as eligible stays? Points and Cash?

  • I don’t know if it will work for everyone but after viewing the initial offer 20 for 50. I didn’t register. I went back in and the 25 for 65 was there. I registered. It looks like the “hang up and try again” scenario played out nicely on this occasion.

    • That’s awesome! I did it a couple of times and got the same 10 nights/20k offer

  • Has anyone successfully used one of the links above to register? I wish I had waited. Too bad we can’t unregister =( I am diamond and got the measly 5,000 points after 2 stays. Great post chasingthepoints!

    • I wasn’t clear enough to the Twitter representative and they registered me for the original offer instead of the 5K/2S. And they won’t budge on changing it either.

  • This Hyatt Gold Passport account number is not eligible to participate in this promotion.

    • Have you tried reaching out to their customer service team? I didn’t have luck because I wasn’t clear enough to them and got registered into the original offer


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