Are You Paying Attention To Your Favorite Blogger?

I wrote in the past about how you should pay attention to your favorite blogger, and this post is more of the same. If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, you need to. While there will inherently be an overlap of information among all bloggers, but we all have a diverse background and cover topics differently.

I am starting to get pretty bad at the “basics,” the other day I wrote about extracting extra value for Chase Amazon cardholders and the good Doctor of Credit reminded me about the Cardpool 4% cashback for selling gift cards via TopCashBack. I automatically assume you knew that, and he provided a great reminder.

As a subscriber to his newsletter, I saw this great post that you should check out. It’s a great reminder of what’s possible with your Discover 5% cashback for online purchases. In this post, I learned that when I used the American Airlines AAdvantage Mall that I didn’t receive miles for my J Crew gift card purchase from an American Express Sync offer last year. Apparently, it works with the ShopDiscover portal, so when you gift card churn, you need to play around with the portals.

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