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This week marks the big one year anniversary that I have joined Saverocity and there’s been a large influx of both new and old readers and I want to make sure you know all about Chasing The Points, the blog, not the act of chasing the points. Thanks Doc, for the new visitors!

From the About section:

Thanks for stopping by Chasing The Points!

A buddy of mine was seeing the world all the time, and I thought I wish I could do it too. He exposed me to the travel aspect and I began researching best practices to earning points stumbling upon other blogs and the frequent flyer community like Flyertalk.com and Milepoint.com

Chasing The Points started as a pet project that grew out of a desire to learn more about maximizing credit card point earnings.

If you have any questions for me, don’t hesitate to email me at chasingthepoints@gmail.com


This still holds true today. This blog is still a pet project and I have learned so much over the last few years from just researching, experimenting, blogging, and most importantly meeting new people. As you will see below in the blogs that I follow, I am still heavy on the manufactured spending aspect. Why? I don’t travel enough or have a lot of vacation days to fully utilize all the programs and know their nuances so I don’t read too many travel blogs. The exception is Gary from View From The Wing because of the timely updates to the loyalty programs and to keep me abreast of the “current events.” I have learned a great deal from all the bloggers out with a special shout out in no particular order:

And while I’m giving out shout outs, just want to say thanks to all the folks that read the blog and leave comments, it’s the only way I’ll remember you like Ed, yuneeq, aegt, and pier11 (they’ve been reading the blog for as long as I can remember!). And [relative] newcomers like HaleyB, Elaine, Hua, and Kumar. And yes, I remember you too, Paul, because we don’t always agree. Finally, a big, big thank you to Mark from the Forum for hooking me up with a Redbird!


After today, I’ll update the About section to include a few nice words about the Forum 🙂

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