My Recent Credit Card Activity

For the month of December, I’ve nearly maxed out my credit limit on my American Express Starwood Preferred Guest card. The reason being, I wanted to ensure I had spent $30,000 on my SPG card for Gold status. I understand the status is not very useful compared to other chains for this status level. When I made the decision, I had no extra benefits for high spend and could use the amount of SPG points to transfer to the airlines. Next year, I will reconsider the enormous amount of spend on the cards.

The AMEX card has a $6,000 limit and with all of the American Express Sync offers I had to take advantage of all of the deals and the deals just racked up my balance.

On the Chase cards, I maxed out $3,000 in the department store purchases on my Freedom churning Neiman Marcus on the triple/double miles days as well as spend thresholds, which the American Airlines mall posted accurately:

American Express

My US Bank Flexperks has over $4,000 in charges because of the A&P deal and the targeted offer of the bonus 3,000 points.

My Citi Forward card has $1,000 in purchase because of the Campus Edition card for 5x at bookstores. I want to rack up all the Thank You points and redeem for my Hyatt gift checks.

What’s the total cost for all the points? It came down to about $50. If I counted the A&P vouchers as cash, I would have made a little over $80.

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  • Well done! Aside from an app-o-rama, my credit card fun has dropped near zero since the baby came, hoping to get it going again in a month or two.

    • Thanks buddy! Time to “spend” more to make up for the lost time

  • Hmmm. Looks like I missed alot of deals. I am new to credit card churning. I would have come to our site little before.

    • I wouldn’t worry too much about that, deals come and go, but mastering manufactured spend will help you get through it.

      I missed out on plenty of deals and this is where the creativity on MS makes it fun

  • Did you buy jpc GC using your Synced Amex. Did you use portal.?

    • I did do the JPC gift card, I used the AAdvantage Shopping mall, miles have not posted (yet) hopefully it will

  • Hey, How are you planning to unload Nieman Marcus GCs.

    Assuming you maxed out on 7500 Points on one Freedom card and 18000 miles but, aren’t you stuck with those cards ? One can unload via cardpool but that’s a decent hit. Just trying to figure out the math here.

    thank you

    • I unloaded it all with Cardpool, sold it for a loss of $235 ($225 on the actual gift card, and $10 total in shipping), but after doing the math, I’d be paying $235/25500 miles and points for $.009 per mile and Ultimate Rewards point.

      My math is always to try and buy at a penny or less, unless I am researching for a post and then that number is out the window

      • thanks for the reply.


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