My Top Of The Wallet Business Credit Card And It’s Not A Chase Or AMEX

In December, I wrote about the 50% bonus about the Bank of America Travel Rewards and Cash Rewards card. A recap: you need to open a brand new credit card with your business banker in order to be eligible for the 50% bonus. In order to hit the 50% bonus, it is on the base earnings and you must spend at least $4000 per month on the card. I am here to report today that I was approved for this card with the bonus.


With the bonus, when I transfer my WorldPoints to my Business Preferred WorldPoints earning card, this Travel Rewards card becomes a 2.25% cash back card on everything.

WorldPoints For Flights

If I did not want the cash and were to put it towards flights, each point can be worth up to $.016 making this card a 3.6% earning card using the tricks as outlined by Milenomics without the Fidelity AMEX card which we are very lucky because that card is going to become a US Bank card.


Primary Car Rental Insurance

If you pay for your car rental and are using the rental for business, you can rest assured that the credit card will provide primary coverage.


The Cash Back Card

Remember, there is also the Cash Rewards card that can allow you to earn the 50% bonus as well. If you make purchases in office supplies and have the 50% bonus, you will earn 3.5% cash back up to $250,000 in spend every year. If I were to get this card and assuming Gyft is coded as office supplies, that would be my go to card for gift cards for any kind of reselling after you’ve exhausted your Chase Ink.

How To Get The Card

According to my friend, it’s not easy to navigate the system to find the link for the 50% bonus. Don’t forget to make friends at the bank because you will never know what they can do. I recently found out that they can increase your credit limit for 2 weeks in case you need it or adjust interest rates for your business line of credit among other things.

Why It’s My Top Card

All of my non bonus spend for reselling will go to Travel Rewards card. Almost all of my spend in merchandise reselling are non bonused and this is a great way to juice the deal. The rewards are easily the highest return I will receive without jumping through hoops or moving money for the personal side on the Preferred Rewards.

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  • Does this expire or is it the life of the account? What if you miss the spending target one month?

    • The bonus is for the life of the account/product. If you don’t spend $4k/month then you would not earn the extra 50%

  • I am into it! Still trying to sort out the details of applying… :/ No success yet.

  • Card is actually 2.625% provided you are willing to have assets with BoA/ML.

  • Does in-branch offer come with a sign up bonus?


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