Build A Relationship At The Branches – They’ll Go To Bat For You And More

Without a doubt, credit card applications are tightening up. When I signed up for the $2000 Bank of America promotion, Bank of America was giving crap about my one business credit card and how little activity there was relationship.

My friend had to convince the underwriters to approve me a card. It didn’t happen at just Bank of America, it happened in May for the Citi American Airlines Business credit card too. And while my friends tried, I have been declined an Ink Plus even after they tried to get my case going.

The Connection

I’ve already given you anecdotal evidence of why you should be building a relationship with your banker. How else did you think I found out about the $2000 offer? Unfortunately, I can’t write about the details yet, but I am hearing some rumblings of an interesting promotion that’s coming up that only your banker can offer you. If you build up that relation, you might be in for a pleasant surprise.

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  • Did you receive a bonus for Bank of America business checking account ($1000-$2000)?

  • An interesting promotion at which bank?

  • If your little buddy was a fast-track MBA field manager at Chase, my experience shows he’d be re-assigned two or three times a year. In-branch good relations should really go without saying, but it could also be said they often are impossible.


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