What You Could Have Done Gaming Discover Apple Pay

Now that we are far enough away from the Apple Pay promotion with Discover, one of the things that I challenged Discover was to ask for my receipts. If you made any purchases at certain stores, Discover would have asked you to submit supporting documentation if a purchase appeared to have contained a gift card


If you submitted the receipts, Discover would have paid $20 for the “inconvenience”


The Game Plan:

At a high level, I mentioned a what you could do, and below is the idea that you could have done to be paid out. As a side note, I did not go through with this method as I had achieved the Apple Pay via natural spend for reselling iPads.

The first method to gaming Discover was to purposely make high dollar purchases in a single transaction multiple times. For example, if an iPad came out to be $640.93 after taxes and you were buying 3, my suggestion would have been to separate each purchase in preparation for Discover asking for the receipts so that you could try and extract the $20 per receipt from Discover.

While you were purchasing all the iPads there’s nothing to have stopped you from doing a split tender of $640.93 on the same day at nearly the same time. When Discover asked for a receipt, you could always submit the iPad receipt more than once.

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  • i submitted a receipt once and after they validated simply got THANK YOU, no $20


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