The $20,000 Challenge First Update

So, last week, we, Money Metagame and Miles Per Day along with Oren’s Money Saver as well as a couple of Twitter readers announced we were going to “race” to spend $20,000 to max out our American Express Business Platinum cards for the full 150,000 Membership Rewards. Let’s just say that Cardpool and Giftcard Zen are going to get receive at least $16,000 worth of gift cards from me.

As far as I know, the folks listed above received their cards on May 4. I got it May 18 and I’ve knocked off 75% in the same week. I’m just waiting for the physical gift cards to come in. While this month has been really bad for me all around in manufactured spend, these same fickle Gods graced me with some killer deals on eBay. I was so worried about the second $10,000 to spend and I was going to buy American Express gift cards, it will now be a smaller percentage.

So what are the numbers? Officially, the charges on my card is $14900. How much time has that been spent? No more than 30 minutes for all of the purchases. What will the time be spent selling? We’ll find out. But based on the numbers (79 cards) and I’m not going to make individual orders like last time (that took 6 hours) I am looking at a 2 hour effort to liquidate the cards.

There were 2 digital gifts that I sold already on Giftcard Zen. I am giving a generous allotment at 5 minutes.

So with $5100 in spend left, this should be a breeze since I have 80+ days left to get the full 150k bonus.

Did you see what I did there? I bolded some text as a not so subtle hint on how to keep your cost basis low.


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