Speculatively Pick Up Hyatt Gift Card Before Open Savings End

Earlier this year, I had outed the method I did $10,000 spend for $25 because the deal was dying. Shortly after the original post and responding to many messages on how to execute the same deal, the rate I was selling was 85.25% dropped to 76.25% shortly after and has stayed that way since the summer.


Hyatt Gift Card On A High Level

If we look at the last three months from Gift Card Wiki we can see the inventory has been consistently dropping with periods of spikes across.



If you look at the red for adds, it has been relatively flat in the last three months as all the exchanges sell through their inventory.



The market has approximately $22,750 worth of cards floating around with an average about $50 a card. Given the metrics, I would say the inventory is constrained. Sellers like ourselves do not find the rates particularly compelling.


The low average on the market is due to CardCash stocking 250 of the $25 cards. My guess with many of the $200 cards currently on the market are likely due to credit card arbitrage folks buying the from eBay and selling to GiftCardMart and listing on Raise.



Digging Deeper

Given the trends and as I had mentioned in my previous post about the Open savings going away, the rates that the exchanges will buy the Hyatt cards should increase.

When the 5% goes away, expect the discount rates for Hyatt to lower and the exchanges will raise the rates at which they will buy because the market will tighten up a bit.

If I did not max out my 3 business American Express cards, I would speculatively buy a total of $5000 and hang on to it. Why $5000? That’s all the risk I’m willing to take and knowing that my own travel patterns would be able to use.

If I were to guess, given the last three month’s pattern, I could see the rates that we could sell increase in the first quarter of 2016.

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