If You Get A Chance Buy These Target Gift Cards

Last week, I participated in a 10% off Target gift cards deal. I am finally having a chance to prepare all the cards to sell. They have some of the easiest and toughest gift cards to process. It inspired me to write about adding a Scotty Peeler and a UPC Scanner to sell the cards quicker. The stickers to the Target cards are also immensely difficult to remove. Each area of the sticker are scored which makes using the Scotty Peeler to lift the sticker difficult so I wrote a guide with some circles and arrows.

In the preparation of the 30 cards I purchased, I have learned that Target is updating the security stickers to something easier to peel off.


target gift card


Notice the red around the sticker? It’s a red paint that the gift card code and PIN are printed on. If you use the metal Scotty Peeler any where and scrape around, you will be able to lift the sticker off entirely and very quickly.

gift cards

Why is buying the new cards important? It makes taking off the stickers much easier and faster. In fact, there’s no residue from the stickers and debris when you scrape the ink off. The other half of the cards I purchased had the old sticker. Instead of peeling the sticker off, I scraped the ink off where it said Access # and wiped the debris using toilet paper to keep things some what clean. To me, that was a faster and cleaner process. You can research about Target Gift Cards at web.

Bottom Line

When you are out and about and need to purchase Target cards in a Target store like this promotion, be sure to buy the new ones with the new red paint. My guess with cards from third party vendors that sell Target cards like CVS probably will not have the updated stickers for a while.

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