Say No Whenever You Can And You’ll Be Surprised

Saying “no” is very powerful. Not a fan of a dish? Telling someone no, I don’t like it, and it stops coming. Not sure about a topic? No, I don’t know anything about it, and the questions stop. Are you feeling comfortable at any given moment? No? Let’s see how we can make sure you feel better. That’s what “no” can do for you in the moment. Things stop after a no surprised.



How No Will Impact You On Your In Store Visits

When I was out and about manufactured spending, there was an opportunity where I had a cashier who wasn’t exactly sure of the process of a split tender. I wanted to do a split payment and the cashier mixed it up and the point of sale wanted to put the entire purchase on the first form of payment. During the transaction, they messed up while I was trying to complete my purchase. We were so far along the process, I did something I never did before and that was to hit the “no” on the PIN pad.  After selecting the “no” option, here’s the two surprising things that I learned that can happen:

  • You give the ball back to the cashier, then they can enter the split amount that you want to pay
  • You determine how much you want to put on your card(s)

Reread the second bullet. Yes, you, the customer, get to enter the amount you want to spend on the card. This is great when you don’t want to tell them how many times you are splitting the transaction. It is not seamless because the cashier still needs to accept the forms of payment, but much better than to announce to them I would like to do a split payment.

Here are the following that I’ve found to work:

  • Obviously, it is dependent on the merchant’s POS software
  • I’ve had the most success with Verifone PIN pads

I will tell you that it hasn’t worked at:

  • Walmart
  • The newest place to load a Serve

Here’s a holiday bonus:


That’s a Verifone PIN pad, the ones I’ve used take the chip as well as the older ones without the chip. This method works for both debit and credit purchases.

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  • I was really excited until you mentioned it didn’t work at Walmart. But for other stores, this is a great little nugget of info.

  • I’ve only ever seen those specific VF pads @ WM. btw many many other stores also use VF branded pin-pads, tho they are much newer than the one pictured.

    at the other places where I’ve seen these, I rarely ever need to split tender (esp becoz it auto drains if I have a smaller denom card that I’m ‘upgrading’). however always good to know of options for the future!


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