Selling On Cardpool Trick

You’ll have to trust me that they are the same gift card even though I blocked it out, as I have been trying to sell the same gift card relentlessly from here and here. Once I sell out my inventory I will post the uncensored screenshot.

I was playing around with Cardpool and noticed this:

Different Rates on Cardpool For the Same Gift Card


Several cards were worth 81% and one card was 80%. On day 1 I had entered my cards to see how much they were worth. The next time I checked on day 3 they were worth more, then on day 4 when I checked again the rate dropped. Day 5 it increased.

This trick only works on volatile gift cards where the rates change quite a bit. If you spot on GiftCardGranny.com the rate increased on Cardpool, add it into your cart and hang onto it.

Even if you don’t have the card in your physical possession this could buy you a little bit of time to determine if it would be profitable to churn that gift card.



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