Bill Pay Timing Comparison

For this post, it will be a comparison of GoBank and Bluebird’s electronic bill pay.

GoBank requires two days for a payment to be received, but in my small samples, it is generally the next day. If I sent a payment on May 21, American Express actually receives the money and applies  on May 22.

GoBank Calendar

GoBank Calendar

Here is the example of the credit to my account where it was sent on April 18 and American Express received it on April 19.


GoBank payment


American Express Credit

American Express’ Bluebird has also has next day bill payment and is received the next day.

Bluebird Bill Pay

Bluebird Bill Pay

Chase Credit

Chase Credit

I haven’t paid anyone using GoBank or Bluebird and cannot vouch on the differences in that service.

There is one big difference between the two.

From Bluebird:

We will bear responsibility for any late payment-related charges (up to a maximum of $50 per transaction) should a Pay Bills bill payment arrive after its due date, as long as the Member requested and scheduled the payment on the Pay Bills service at least six (6) business days prior to its due date and otherwise complied with the guidelines set forth at the Bluebird Website or Bluebird Mobile Application pertaining to Pay Bills and the terms of this Section 6.

American Express will pay you up to $50 if the bill pay arrives later than the due date. That’s good to know that it is available.

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