Despite What Everyone Thinks: Plenti Pays Off

During the summer, I wrote that you shouldn’t discount Plenti just yet. Prior to Plenti, I rarely set foot into a Rite Aid. Now I go regularly for a gift card Plenti deal.




As an example in this week’s circular there is this deal:



Sure from the screenshot above, the gift cards are not really great to resell, but you will receive in essence 10% back. There have been other better deals. I have received 20% back for highly desired gift cards like Sears and Kohl’s.

Why Plenti Is Valuable To Me

I have been accumulating Plenti points because of the gift card deals available at Rite Aid because I know that Cardpool is a stable platform to sell gift cards. What does a stable platform have to do with Plenti? It helped me subsidize buying gift cards to unit test on Cardpool and why earlier this week I made the recommendation to sell with them. What is unit testing? Unit testing is when you have some software that was delivered to you that you need to test to ensure the functionality is what you are expecting. Now that the solution is available, I pretty much have a giant  advantage over many sellers on Cardpool.

I’ve been stressing the point that if you’re not learning and growing, then you’ll ultimately fall behind and become one of the angry people with how the new world is shaping. I will let the pictures explain what my system can do with me doing very little work and let you fill in the rest of the blanks.





I am all about efficiency, if I’m not efficient, then I look for ways to make it better. The area that ate away with the most time is now erased. This is my competitive advantage. What’s yours?

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  • Great points!

    I also haven’t written plenti off. I use them at Macy’s at a 1 point to $0.01 ratio. Eventually I’m going to find something to buy them and I’m going to use up all my points. It already has happened.

  • Absolutely horribly completely wrong on what unit testing is, but nice article 🙂

    • Thanks – please enlighten me because I’m not a developer so whenever a they hand back a program to test, that to me is my unit testing.

      If you’re a programmer and you’re testing procedures, that’s the true definition of a unit test, right?

      • You’re talking about integration testing. Unit tests usually only test one tiny little piece of code.

        Glad to see you’re automating all the same.

        • Thanks, that makes sense. No one at work ever corrected me

          Whenever I thought of integration it was end to end, where we integrate one system and export a file/DB link to another system

  • So what exactly are you using plenti points that is profitable. I can’t ssee any detailed info about the use of plenti…

    • I use the points at Macy’s for personal use. I don’t want to have to follow through with lowering the cost basis on product to resell. You could also use the Plenti points on gift cards at Rite Aid


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