Plastic Jungle Silently Dies

Back in my hey day of gift card churning, I used to leverage Raise, Cardpool, and Plastic Jungle as well as credit card offers and buy points like a mad man. It was especially lucrative when Top Cash Back offered an extra 2.5% for any transaction at Plastic Jungle. Sadly, in April 2013, Plastic Jungle was no longer a player in the B2C sphere and announced that they would only convert gift cards into CVS Extracare or United Miles.

Then, recently I wrote about Plastic Jungle questioning if they would even exist anymore when they pulled the US Bank Flexperks as well as Best Buy. Today, on a whim, I decided to check them out again. If you go to Plastic Jungle, you will see this:


gift card churning


There’s a small news blurb out there that it turns out Plastic Jungle was bought out by Cardcash for an undisclosed sum of money. I’ve never successfully transacted with Cardcash/ABC Gift Card so I can’t comment on how well they operate their business. The other day a reader left several comments on this post regarding his experience with Cardcash. I honestly hope they get rid of the Cardcash site and use some of the infrastructure from Plastic Jungle. Plastic Jungle had its fair share of problems, but Cardcash site blows. It needs to join the 21st century.

Another deal comes and goes…

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  • When I dial ABC Gift Card customer contact number 1-800-3640488, it’s always in a busy tone. Does this phone number no longer available? Does Cardcash takes over ABC Gift Card too? Thanks advance for your inf..

    • I’m not sure about the phone number piece, I’ve never called them before. It was originally ABC gift card then they did a name change to Cardcash


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