Is Plastic Jungle Fading Away?

Around this time last year, Plastic Jungle made the announcement that they will become a business to business operation instead of a business to consumer company. I think they were by far the best gift card exchange site. When they were around, gift card churning was the best manufactured spend opportunity available because of the cash back from portals like Top Cash Back. I also dived into finding arbitrage with the new Plastic Jungle B2B, with United, US Bank Flexperks, and Best Buy and the lowest rate gift card should be sold for United miles.

I don’t know when Plastic Jungle and US Bank ended their agreement, but if I were to peg a date it would be around December, and it looks like Plastic Jungle just lost Best Buy and we are left with just CVS and United.

Plastic Jungle



I’ve run numbers and buying gift cards to convert into United miles are not a good opportunity. Neither is converting into a CVS gift card. I would really hate to see Plastic Jungle fold up.

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  • Will be interesting to see if they try to transition back into B2C after the B2B failure.

    • Agreed! I’d love to see what would happen. I wouldn’t mind them back on the market and some extra Top Cash Back cash


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