Newish Credit Card Ripe For Abuse

Citizens Bank has released a credit card product called “Green$ense Platinum” which is a Mastercard. What makes this card very interesting is that instead of a percentage of your purchase becomes a reward, you earn cash back per transaction. You’d need to make 10 transactions first or that requirement is waived if you enroll in their “Value Plan” or “Combined Plan”




How do I earn Cash Back from my Green$ense Credit Card?

Cash back is earned monthly on credit card purchases, after you make 10 qualifying transactions with your Green$ense® Platinum MasterCard®1. If you have a Green$ense Credit Card and are enrolled in our Value Plan or Combined Plan, you do not need to make 10 qualifying transactions to start earning cash back.

How much cash back can I earn from my eligible Green$ense Credit Card transactions?

Earn 25¢ per purchase when you make 10 qualifying Green$ense Credit Card transactions that post to your account each month, up to $20 monthly and up to $240 per year.2

How will I receive my Green$ense Credit Card cash back reward?

The Citizens checking account that the cash back will be paid into is based on the following (in order of account chosen for payment)

  1. The Citizens checking account associated with a Value or Combined Plan
  2. The most recent Citizens checking account that was paid Green$ense cash
  3. The Citizens checking account that you are listed as the Primary Account Holder
  4. The checking account that you are listed as a Non-Primary Account Holder.
  5. If you have more than one account that falls into one of the criteria listed above, the account that will be paid will be the account with the most checking account transactions posted for that month.


You’re limited to $20 a month and up to $240 a year, but this could be an easy $240 a year if you know how to automate small credit transactions per month. Even if you don’t automate it, you could totally take a page out of my buddy MilesAbound book:

So since the beginning of November, I have been paying my water bill in $0.01 increments! Racking up 20 odd transactions a day.


The man is a genius!

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  • No sane person should waste their time for a lousy $240 a year. Get a 5x card and one trip to grocery earns more…

  • I think Citizens/Charter bank has had a Greensense credit card since 2010 or so but it used to earn closer to $.30 per transaction up to $360 per year… and they also offered a rewards checking account (Greensense Checking) with a debit card: http://banking.about.com/od/bankaccountreview1/a/Citizens-Bank-Greensense-Rewards.htm

    There are still some references to rewards debit cards on the Citizens site and it looks like they actually still offer a business rewards debit card.

    I think I’d be more likely to do the Santander Bank thing for $240 a year and/or Consumer’s Credit Union with their Visa for 5.09% on up to $10,000 in a checking account (plus the rewards on a CC.)

  • AFAIK, this is a local deal only. The rewards can only be deposited into a Citizens Bank checking account, and they do not offer checking accounts outside their service area.

  • I agree with @Paul – not worth it for $20 a month but thanks as always for showing a new opportunity.

  • The Chase Freedom 10/10 deal was so much fun. 10 UR points per purchase – but some did get shut down by ‘automating’ small purchases.

  • Dramatic headline disappointing find. $240 per year that’s one visit to CVS 5K @ 5%

    • Yep, sadly it’s not too scaleable

    • Curious, how are you getting 5x at drugstores, Aegt? Thought that game was over. Maybe some grandfathered cards can get 5x but unless you are doing MOs with the gift cards, you would be outta luck with the Vanillas at WM since they shut down those type of gift cards. Maybe I am missing something?

      I’m still succesful at grocery stores getting 5x with an AE card and of course the 5x with Ink cards at Staples but thought any MS play at drugstores was over. Used to buy the VRs at CVS and Vanilla GC at CVS but was still only getting 2x at the time. Like me some 5x.

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