One Chasing Mall Points Tool Will Go Away

I learned today from Doctor of Credit that Cashback Monitor added a history table of the data they’re scraping. This is awesome news! I’ve been wanting to set it up since early 2013 and even had a post about it. It came about because of a member of the community who goes by the username HikerT, he created the first scrape of the Chase Ultimate Rewards. I had some turnover with programmers on the project and turned out to be a pretty involved programming feat. Then Cashback Monitor came about and I was playing with that. There was roadblock after roadblock with the project it just stalled. I’m really happy to say that Cashback Monitor has stepped up and is providing data that they were already scraping. So while my tool that I had planned never launched, it’ll never make the light of day with Cashback Monitor’s advancement.

Why am I excited? Because having history provides us the opportunity to see what promotions were available last year or last month. This way we can plan or predict what next month or year will look like. This will allow us as a community to reward ourselves with a higher rate if we’re ordering a product we are not in a rush.


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