Chasing Mall Points And Thanks To HikerT

I want to publicly put HikerT on the spot and give a big thanks for the contributions to the MS arena. What am I talking about? Well, HikerT created this site and it had a nice listing of the data of what you could earn from Chase Ultimate Rewards compared among the cards.

I was really excited every month when the new data would appear, but oftentimes disappointed when my favorite vendor went down for the month.

I’m really excited to tell you that Chasing The Points will be debuting Chasing Mall Points shortly. The planned malls:

  • US Airways
  • United Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Chase Ultimate Rewards
  • Upromise
  • Discover
  • My Best Buy
  • Alaska Airlines


Here’s a screenshot of the proof of concept. Some kinks are still being worked out like the user interface.



While the development is still going, if you have any malls that want to be part of the list and do not require a log in, please leave it in the comments and I’ll pass it to the developer. I am expecting to close the project no later than March 10, 2014.



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  • So, I’d recommend to include Barlcay Arrival’s RewardBoost — seems like they may be more and more to look at as they refine their offerings…

  • And Delta’s mall?

    And how about keeping us up to date on cashback to Amex gift cards/giftcardmall/giftcards.com via the various CB portals? Along with current promo codes. FT has them but its hard to sift thru all the babble these days. Pretty sure more people are interested in these things than all the rest in the malls (particularly since there are sites like cashbackaholics/evreward that track the portals anyway)

    • Delta also will be passed along to the developer, should be easy as well. Side note – Barclay’s and Delta are cartera malls and layout is more or less the same, just different sources.

      As for AMEX GC/GCM/GC.com I will investigate. It’ll be a little bit into the future, need to do some research myself before I can pass it along.

      Agreed, there’s a lot of sites like cashbackaholics et al, but I like having the history available to see what it was this month compared to last month

  • I’d like to see Ebates and TopCashBack added!

  • Hi there,

    I am thinking you should add a column, if you haven’t already, for cost per point/mile. Simple math calculation. For example, Macy’s 3 miles per dollar, or $.33. Then add a column for credit card bonuses on top of that if you are using a certain credit card.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Mark – that has not been implemented.

      So far it is just a bunch of malls, sortable columns, and trying to get the historical rates to be displayed next to it.

      Could you help me understand what the cost per point/mile would explain?

      • Sure. For example, if I just use my MileagePlus card right now to buy something outright, in store/online, I’d just get 1 point/mile per dollar spent (most cases). If I were to add a shopping portal which gives me an additional 2 miles/per dollar, then I can easily compare how much less it costs me to buy miles across shopping portals, etc. Instead of $1 cost per mile, it’s now only $.33 (1/3 of original cost). Especially for those like BigHabitat who shop and sell, this could help their cost/benefit calculation.

        • Thanks I’ll pass to the developer as soon as we are done with the next revision. We’re having a little challenge of layout still.

  • Thanks for picking this up. I stopped maintaining the UR comparison page because Chase seemed to stop varying the UR payouts by card, as well as the monthly specials. I also couldn’t keep up with the frequency of the changes and found myself checking other sites like cashbackholic and cashbackmonitor first. I really do think those sites currently do a pretty good job, in particular cashbackmonitor. I probably wouldn’t use another comparison tool unless it does something that cashbackmonitor doesn’t already do. I’d think you would want to include cash back sites in the comparison. This is another area that I find cashbackmonitor excels, in addition to updating daily, but best of luck as more options are always better.

    • I agree, I love cashbackmonitor – easy to understand and digest the information. What you did was provide history and no one else does that, and it’s something I’d like to see

  • I’d be interested in seeing Amtrak Guest Rewards (yup, not one that’s talked about very often).

    • Thanks I’ll pass to the developer. From the looks of the AGR mall, it’s run by a different. Appears to be like Lifemiles.


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