5x Is Not 5x Everywhere

You already know that 5x earnings in miles is different than 5% in cash because 5x in miles that value depends on your needs and how your valuation. For instance, Big Crumbs, now rebranded as MainStreetSHARES you can earn shares and receive a cash pay out if they are bought out.

How Do I Earn msSHARES?

Each time you shop through MainStreetSHARES at a revenue-sharing store (i.e. nearly all stores), you’ll also earn one msSHARE for each dollar in Member Revenue Share that you generate. For instance, when you generate $10 in Member Revenue Share, you’ll also receive 10 msSHARES.

Additionally, you will receive a number of msSHARES equivalent to 10% of the Member Revenue Share generated by your direct referrals. For example, when your direct referral earns $20 in cash back, you will earn 2 msSHARES in addition to any referral commissions.

We also know that all that 5% cashback from UPromise isn’t 5% either. You can earn an additional 10% of your earnings if you have a Sallie Mae savings account. So at the end of the day you could earn 5.5% from the portal. If you have the UPromise credit card, that 5% could become an 11% cash back return.

The easy extra 5x are out of the way, Drew on Travel Is Free found a great way to change that 5x return from Chase Ink Ultimate Rewards into something else. I wrote about it a while back, and after speaking with loyal reader and friend Noah who writes Money Metagame we came up with an idea that gives us an extra 5%+ after redeeming cash back, with what else? Gift card churning!

If you haven’t signed up with MainStreetSHARES/Big Crumbs, here’s my referral link

Edit: this is embarrassing – mixed up the name of the blog, which has now been fixed.

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