I Think I Need To Reapply For The Chase United MileagePlus Card

About 6 months ago, I decided to close out my Chase MileagePlus Explorer card. Only 2 months ago, I’ve been thinking I made a mistake closing it. The United devaluation affected my thought process because all I ever did was redeem UA miles on business class on partner airlines. Now through various activities, I am earning United miles easily which I still need to write about.

In addition, I’m looking at any cards that can give me a spend bonus because I’ve been making strides chasing the 1x. With the Chase card that I closed, the $25,000 spend I could earn the bonus 10,000 miles. Just 6 months ago, sometimes I was struggling to manufacture spend outside of Walmart, the bane of my existence.

I’ve got a couple of problems:

  • I am collecting more United miles is not having enough vacation days to redeem
  • It hasn’t been 24 months since applying for the United MileagePlus Explorer card so I wouldn’t be able to get the new 50k sign up bonus
  • I’ve already double downed into the Star Alliance and want more diversity

What I didn’t realize, when I redeemed the miles on United were just how expensive some of the fuel surcharges are. I said I wouldn’t mind paying the fuel surcharge because I don’t travel much and it’s cheaper than pay out of pocket. But sheesh, it’s almost like buying a mileage earning economy trip on some itineraries.

Either way, because I’m earning boat loads of United miles, the devaluation from 2014 is less of an impact to me and I can continue to use United to redeem.





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  • I’m holding off on the UA card in the event that I might have to resume (shudder) flying United.
    To follow-up on a topic at one of the links you provide, any luck using the TD Aeroplan to load TD Bucx? I too say those fuel surcharges and decided to pass, but I can be encouraged to diversify to more lazy MS.

    • Yup, you earn the miles. Thanks for the reminder, will put it on my to do list

  • If you have more miles than you can redeem (from a practical standpoint due to limited vacation time or really any reason) shouldn’t your preference shift toward earning cash back or at least flexible points like UR or MR? And shouldn’t you forget the 1x and go for the max ROI? Signing up to get another bonus that you can’t use is foolish when you could be earning a currency that will enable you to upgrade other aspects of your lifestyle.

    • Russ, you raise a very good point. I always forget to look into the opportunity cost. I’ll need to bake that into my calculations.

      I don’t have any “real” MR earning cards and am currently swimming in UR

  • I thought the rule for reapplying at Chase was…
    24 months from when your previous bonus posted, not 24 months from application/approval
    yea? nay?

    • Good point Ben. It’s probably 24 months from previous bonus posting that’s going to be the safest date.

  • I am looking. forward to reading your article about earning UA miles through different activities


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