Chase Ink Plus Sign Up Bonus Will Increase to 60k, Do Not Sign Up Now If You Can Wait

National Small Business Week is May 4 to 8. During that time, Chase increased the sign up bonus supporting Small Business Week to the Ink Plus to a 60k sign up bonus. This is something that Frequent Miler postulated yesterday.

A long time friend of mine who has many connections at Chase alerted me that Chase will be increasing the sign up bonus to the Ink Plus starting May 4 and will conclude on May 25. The first year annual fee will be waived if you apply in branch. Remember in general, in branch sign up offers are usually better. The reason is the banker could up sell you additional products. The online offer does not appear to have the first year fee waiver.

I don’t have any additional details on the Ink Cash. I’m not sure what the minimum spend requirements are, but I’d guess it would be $5,000.

So if you can wait, wait a few more days before applying to a new Chase Ink card as it would behoove you for an annual fee waiver and extra points.

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  • Nice! I am genuinely creating two new companies right now for a couple of different reasons, sounds like a reason to get two new ink cards!

    • Me too! Well, creating a new company. Not sure if I should get a new Ink card since I just got this email and got me all wound up.

      This is an Alert to help manage your account ending in XYZY. On , we placed a $ABC.DC hold on your account. Your funds will be available on 05/05/2015. Deposits are subject to further review.

  • The 60k offer is already available today.

    • @Nun, I appreciate the link but noticed that you (or someone else) is getting a 5K point bonus. For those of us who can refer a spouse, can you share with us how to set that up so we can get that extra 5K bonus too?

      • This link is actually a dud, as it charges you for the annual fee.


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