My Gift Card Sales Figures With GiftCard Zen

Now that you’ve learned how to ship and pick the winners, I want to discuss the sales figures that I’ve sold with GiftCard Zen lifetime. Hopefully after writing this, I will have my sales figures with Cardpool. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything from Plastic Jungle because they are no longer in business.

As you will see in a little bit, I am not buying the 90%+ valued gift cards. Just because gift cards that have a high resale value doesn’t correlate that you can find the best deal to resell. If you do your homework, the sweet spot is actually in the mid 80’s and your quarterly bonus cash back cards. This is why in the Saverocity Forum you will see my pledge of allegiance and support for as many 5% quarter cards as possible. Whenever Frequent Miler posts his Quick Deals you need to be ready to pounce on the deal or the real nice ones like Big Habitat pointed out

I actually have a locked in rate of 86% for Sears. Sure, I might not make the 30x per dollar like Big Habitat, but my inventory churns quickly, in minutes, not days without many hassles. I never have to leave the house if I don’t want to.






Here’s my 90%+ valued gift cards I sold to GiftCard Zen, not much:

Gift Card

Only $1025! And $800 was very recent from the BankAmerideals.


Alright, so let’s cut to the chase:



At best, I am getting back 85.5% of my money back and am paying 15%, but that value is skewed because it doesn’t account for the amounts that I’ve bought and resold like using the American Express Sync offers or the portal cash/points back that makes the gift card churn worthwhile.

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  • Are you a registered bulk seller with GCZ? And how do you get a locked in 86%? You negotiated that with GCZ, I suppose? Just Sears, or you have special rates on all?

    Hope I’m not asking too many questions.

    • I am a registered bulk seller – I work closely with Justin.

      I asked GCZ on a higher rate and they were able to give me 86% for Sears. I have a special rate for a couple of others, but that’s proprietary knowledge 😉

      • Do you sell $5k per month? I tried getting them to make me a bulk seller without the $5k and they didn’t allow it.

        • I do not, I had mentioned to them I was already a bulk seller on Cardpool and they matched me


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