Check Your Bank Of America Card – Free Points With This Gift Card Churn

Bank Of America’s BankAmeriDeals is like American Express’ Sync Offers where you need to register for an offer before you use your credit card. I’m not sure when this was added to my account, so you should log in and check it out too. Bank Of America’s BankAmeriDeals has a Lowe’s opportunity where you will receive 10% cashback up to a whopping purchase of $800. It doesn’t get any easier than this:

Buy as many Shell or BP gas cards for the 10% off up to $800 in one transaction.

Bank Of America



Why Shell or BP? Because they have the highest rates according to Gift Card Granny:




**Also note, some Lowe’s sells Wholefoods Gift cards, but not all the Lowe’s I’ve been to have it. So if your Lowe’s is cleaned out of BP and Shell, grab some Whole Pay Check gift cards.

**Pro tip: Buy at the customer service because of these two factors:

  • Cards may or may not activate for whatever reason, you want to be at the customer service desk to do the refund and then issue you new cards
  • You’re going to have a lot of cards, $50 and/or $25 denominated cards. Because you’ll be maximizing this deal, a manager will likely be called for the $800 gift card transaction


I’m also putting this out there, due to the fact that Gift Card Zen and ABC Gift Cards (also known as CardCash) are buying both gas vendors at 90.5%, if you purchase $25 denominated gift cards, the opportunity for some salami is available.

Edit: Don’t forget as William Charles astutely points out that I keep forgetting to add, if you’re a first time customer with Cardpool you can earn an extra 4% through TopCashBack up to a total of $1000.


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  • If people haven’t maxed out cardpool + TCB, that would also net another 4%. Also keep in mind you can only sell $300 to giftcards.com before you need a bulk sellers account.

    • Thanks Will! I’ll update the post to reflect the Cardpool + TCB, I keep forgetting to add that piece

  • Nice! and if you want to make a dive into reselling, you could get the 10% “moving” coupon (just submit a change of address online form here: http://www.lowes.com/cd_Coupon+Registration_253641591_) – it takes a couple days to get the coupon, but, there might be some good options. Not one to do this but, PCE605K is *almost* a breakeven when you stack a portal… Its not the best deal to be fair, but I haven’t looked at Lowes in a while.

  • Did a double-take when hearing that BankAmeriDeals actually now has deals worth pursuing.

    • So far, it was just the Lowe’s offer that I got that was good. The TigerDirect deal for 20% off isn’t bad either if you do a price match with them.

  • Excuse me, what is the point of buying the gas gift cards at 10% discount and then selling them for about the same price? The offer is valid only if one of BoA cards is used. E.g. BoA Cash Rewards will give you 1% cashback at Lowes, or $8. To me, the only purpose of this exercise it to get the discounted gas cards for personal use. What did I get wrong?

    • The BankAmerideal also works on Alaska Airlines cards, so basically, you could be buying Alaska Airline miles for free

      • But it’s still only 800 miles, right?

        • Correct, 800 miles for this offer

          • @Nik — You may be missing the point, you’re getting 800 miles, plus some gas. But if you keep an eye out for things like this, your point balances will eventually snowball to be meaningful.

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