How To Gift Card Churn Like A Pro – Shipping Lesson

With my newfound knowledge from HaleyB in My Way Of Draining Out The Remaining Cash And Gift Card Churn Better, I want to expand and teach you how to gift card churn like a pro and we’ll start with the logistics. Haley wrote:

There is an even bigger flat rate envelope for $0.15 more in postage. It is for legal sized documents.

Also consider the bubble mailer flat rate envelope, same price as the cardboard one to ship, it holds up much better in the mail. Order either free online (might be a small delivery fee, I’m not sure, my reseller days are long past, used to be 100% free) because you will almost never see either of them in the Post Office supply area.

I don’t really do the gift card thing, so maybe there is a transaction limit? Otherwise I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just create one more order to get your postage entirely paid for. I guess it depends on how often you ship them out and how much of a pain it is to create orders.

So what do I do? I researched! I checked out the USPS website and they are still offering supplies for free and free shipping. With that out of the way here are the links that she refers:


Here’s my advice:

Gift Card Churn

Order the Bubble Mailers in packs of 10 and order these guys: Customs Form Envelopes because they come in a pack of 10 too. This way you won’t have a mismatch in the numbers unless you do the least common denominators of 15 bubble mailers and 10 custom form envelopes.



The reason why you want those form envelopes are because they’re see through and if you use an ink jet printer, the ink won’t run if it hits water. This will also save you on some tape when sealing the small flat rate box. These little plastic envelopes are great when using Gift Card Zen’s postage, I recently did this from the Lowe’s deal.





If you read carefully, it says “Misuse may be a violation of federal law” and I do not want to see you in trouble. Instead, I recommend ordering from UPS or FedEX. They all have it. Here’s FedEx’s link it is the last line item that says “FedEx Air Waybill Pouches.” I don’t know what the FedEx ones look like now (could be like the USPS), but UPS’s new ones come with a Ziploc.

Your USPS shopping cart should look like this with these two items:




The envelopes are the same size as the ones I described in My Way Of Draining Out The Remaining Cash And Gift Card Churn Better so you have plenty of surface area to add Cardpool’s postage onto the envelope. As Haley already mentioned, the padded envelopes are sturdier because of the plastic and they’re also more flexible so you can stuff more cards per package as well.

Happy selling! Stay tuned on the next post on how I keep up with the dynamic selling prices.

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  • I’ve done a fair amount of gc churning in my life, but I never used those Customs Form envelopes.

    If I’m getting it right, the idea is to print out the postage on a regular non-adhesive paper, and stick the paper inside of the Custom envelope with the words showing through the clear plastic.

    Did I get that right?

    • Hey Chuck – that is correct, just stick the paper inside plastic pouch and you’re good to go.

      No tape needed to stick the address label or anything like that


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