How To Remove Security Stickers From Gift Cards With Circles And Arrows

Friend to all bloggers and for whom everyone works for, @esthery, asked the other day, what’s the best way to remove the security sticker on gift cards which reminded me that I owe @mileswhip this guide with circles and arrows.

Just as a reminder, she was also the one who introduced us to the free app on the iPhone Beep so that we can scan the UPC’s to gift cards into the computer faster. I figured now would be a good time to explain the best way to use the Scotty Peeler on removing the stickers from gift cards.

Removing The Toughest Sticker


Imagine the diagram above is the sticker. The lines that go into the box are physical breaks into the sticker as they are meant to tamper resistant. These are also the thinnest stickers around and it is recommended that you use the metal scotty peeler instead of the plastic one. When using the metal scotty peeler, you will need to be extremely careful because once you remove the sticker, the blade will be scrape the card and if you are not careful you risk scraping off the ink to the gift card number and PIN.

Steps For Removal

For a frame of mind, this example is a Target gift card purchased from Giftcard Mall on eBay.

  1. Start on a corner, I suggest the lower left only because I’m a righty and this sticker is on the upper right of the gift card. You want to slip the blade under a corner, then keep the blade flat and work diagonally in until the blade hits the bottom left and left middle break in the sticker
  2. Lift the remaining piece of the sticker to match what you started at the bottom to hit the top and left most break in the sticker
  3. Align the Scotty Peeler to be wider than the sticker and push all the way to the end

Circles And Arrows

The steps are confusing to visualize so, here are my attempts to draw a graphic for you to see.



If you don’t follow those steps, you will shred the sticker and you’re better off just using a coin and scrape the UV ink off.

Removing The Easiest Sticker


Notice the difference on this sticker? There’s no horizontal break and this makes it very easy. You can find these stickers on Sears and many of the thicker plastic gift cards. They peel off very easily and it’s not too often that the stickers don’t peel off right away without much work.



Because these are extremely sticky stickers, and ease of removal, I like to use the plastic Scotty Peelers.

Steps For Removal

  1. Simply start on either end and begin on a corner
  2. Keep the tool flat and and keep moving along the sticker and they should all lift off with ease

Circles And Arrows



When I have a batch of these gift cards and using the plastic Scotty Peeler, I can watch TV and scrape the stickers without having a worry of stabbing myself compared to the metal one.

Other Techniques

There are plenty of techniques to removing stickers and that’s the way I figured how it works best for me with circles and arrows, possibly a first. How do you do it?

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  • A post just for me!!! Best post ever! <3 I LOVE my metal Scotty Peeler and beep app for barcoded GCs. The Scotty in particular has changed my life…I use it for a host of other things such as removing address labels from boxes so I can reuse them, removing stickers from retail packaging, etc.

  • I use Ginsu knives provided by The Hobby’s finest Ginsu knives salesman [TBB 2013].

  • Ronsonol or any other petroleum distillate lighter fluid is what I use on all adhesive stickers.

  • Just an fyi the metal version is sharp. It is great for opening boxes, but be careful.


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