For Those Attending ResellingDO Here Is My Presentation

As some of you may know, I will be presenting at the ResellingDO on July 25 at the Jailbreak Brewery. The DO is designed to be smaller so that you’ll be able to network with all the attendees and presenters. Trevor also explained to me that there will be 5 slots opening up Monday.

If you’re also attending be sure to check in with Trevor because we have a separate area in the Saverocity Forum for the DO. While you’re there and I want to try something new that other presenters don’t do, I am posting a sneak preview of my presentation so that you can come up with some questions. I only have 30 minutes to present, but when we’re at the breakout session, I’ll do my best to answer them. Also note, the presentation will be a little different than what’s posted.

One of the reasons why I’m privately posting it is because you’re paying, importantly your time, to go to the DO to learn something & network, and it wouldn’t be fair to those attending if I posted publicly.

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  • Hi CTP! What does DO stand for?

    • I’m not entirely sure what the DO stands for – but I know that it is the acronym for a gathering

  • I had to laugh! I gathered that it was about gathering but I have searched several threads and everyone just calls it a DO. I am a sucker for knowing acronyms, I try to guess but am usually wrong. I haven’t the foggiest what DO would stand for. Doors Open. Direct Opportunity. Day Off. Oh well, hope you guys have fun and learn lots!

  • I think Matt wrote the best description: https://saverocity.com/travel/knowing-made-epic/

  • Thanks Trevor!


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