Announcing the first #ResellingDO

Jailbreak 1

While, I’ll be the first one to admit that this is a crazy idea. I’m doing it. I’ll be honest, Matt proposed the idea of hosting a DO at a brewery for his next DO, and I thought why not try it out.

The focus of the DO is Reselling in the pursuit of Miles and Points (with some profit thrown in there too). It will be limited to 30 people, so you will have the chance to network and meet folks, without it being so big that you get lost in the crowd.

Full disclosure, this will not be your typical DO:

What’s included:
– 3 hours of presentations on reselling,
– Many hours of networking time.
– 4 beer tickets.
What’s not included:
– Food (But there will be a food truck with reasonably priced food)
– Transportation to/from Jailbreak Brewery
The cost: $50 per person.
I’m currently looking to see if I can somehow sweeten the proverbial pot, however, as things stand, that’s what I can guarantee.
So, if after reading all of that, if you’re interested, I’d encourage you to sign up here.
Thank you as always for your support. I’m hopeful that by keeping this a small event, we can create great value for all attendees.

21 thoughts on “Announcing the first #ResellingDO

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  2. Stoked to see you’re going ahead with this! Let me see if I can make the date work and my wife and I would love to support the event!

  3. Just bought my ticket — looking forward to it. Would it be possible to share at a high level the topics you’ll cover in the 3 hours of presentations?

    • Ryan – still working the agenda, but it’ll include FBA, a discussion on sales tax implications, and I’m working on a non-traditional product reselling presentation.

    • @Marc – Sorry to hear its a bad date — sometimes I think there’s never one that’s perfect for everyone. After we see how the first one goes, we could find ourselves doing another, perhaps in the middle of the country, or on the west coast.

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    • @Randy – I’ll probably be looking either mid-coast or west coast, but I am hesitant to commit to the “next” one, until we get the first one under our belts.

      • I’d love one in Chicago. I feel like, since we get Chicago seminars, nothing else is scheduled here 🙂
        For me, being based near Chicago, mid or east is more convenient, but I’m always thinking longingly of going out west. So, if the dates work right (which is a big if), I’d consider rolling a DO and a vacation together if it was west coast.
        Thanks for organizing, and here’s hoping there is a “next” and that I can actually make it to that one.

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