Barclay’s UPromise Has An Increased Sign Up Offer Again

Back in March, I applied for the Barclay’s UPromise credit card where you spend $1000, you would receive $100 as the sign up offer. The same offer is back now. Good until May 31.

The link is:


But I don’t believe it is my referral ID, just their tracking code. Either way, you could navigate through Upromise.com and it should be on the front page.

Sign Up


The problem with the sign up bonus, it’s not like your traditional ones where you instantly receive after hitting the minimum spend requirements. It’s totally bogus that the bonus is stuck in pending:



Seriously, what kind of BS sign up bonus is that if it’s not instant after hitting the MSR?




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  • I’ve collected two Barclay sign-up bonuses. They are definitely slow pay. The process is maddeningly glacial. The mystery is why annoying new customers seems like a deliberate corporate custom. But your May-earned sign-up bonus should be available for Christmas bookings, I’d say.

    • At first blush, I thought it would be better, but as you say, the glacial pace is frustrating. Our polar ice caps could melt away and we still haven’t been paid by UPromise


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