Another Warning About eBay Gift Cards: Cash Advances

Noah who writes on Money Metagame is on a roll and discussed his experience about buying gift cards on eBay and they were charged as a cash advance. Doctor of Credit also picked up what was written from reddit. In sum: gift cards purchased from GiftCardMall on eBay were coded as cash advances, a big shocker. The comments on both sites are worth a read to see what was a cash advance or not.

Here’s one that stood out on Doctor of Credit’s comments:

I used my Chase IHG card to purchase some gift cards from GiftCardMall on eBay and was charged a cash advance fee. I managed to get the fee waived, but they’d only lower the CA limit to $100.

I find Chase and Barclay’s to be pretty lenient and to hear that both a Chase personal card and Barclay’s card were coded for cash advance does not bode well for the current situation. Let’s wait a bit and see what shakes out in a couple of weeks.

Personally, I purchased 1 eBay gift card to buy the product I mentioned the other day. Luckily, I used an Ink Plus card and looks to be OK.

I am slowing down my gift card churning on eBay because it’s become onerous to prepare for check and then PayPal won’t let me check out because they won’t accept my payment and “to try another payment method.” That other payment method is not allowed so I’m stuck.

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  • Got stuck by CA fees too. $10 gone….

    • KP, Sorry to hear that

      • Its fine, I guess, we made enough profit with some of their deals anyways, now got to use just a different method- Use Ebay GC for entire purchase.

        • I wish I could do that, the best place to buy from is the Paypal store but I can never check out because of their fraud prevention methods.

  • There are a lot of data points on my site and FM of people who were not charged cash advance fees with the Chase Ink. I actually was not charged either and posted about it tonight.

    I wonder why some people were and some people weren’t.
    I wonder why some

    • It’s very interesting to follow – Ink Plus = Visa and not charged, some folks who charged with AMEX not charged CA. Perhaps something triggering it because it’s a Mastercard?

      • Hmm, Nice observation. Mine was Capitalone Mastercard too.


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