Shopping Directly With The Retailer Sometimes Does Not Make Sense

When we were in Charlotte for #FT4RL over dinner, a reader, Bret, asked me a great question. He asked me if there are any lessons that I’ve learned with the credit card points and miles if I applied it to other areas. The first thought I had was making any kind of purchase online that I must check all the portals and dig around for the best deal.

Here’s a perfect example of learning many of the available programs. There is something that I want to buy on Newegg so I checked the portals.

The Example


Newegg Rates on Cashback Monitor

There’s a lot of choices for portals for Newegg, especially under the Travel Mileage/Points. However, I don’t think the rates are worth it for my purchase because it’s $93 and I’d rather have cash for it so I looked around.

Then I found the product on eBay and know this is my route to purchase the device.



eBay Cashback Monitor Rates



So if we look at the listing on both Newegg and eBay it’s the same price and the same shipping. I purposely redacted many of the details because this is an area that I am testing and want to keep it under wraps for as long as I can until everything plays out correctly before broadcasting the message.


Item Sold By Newegg on eBay



Directly Shipped And Sold From Newegg




With eBay bucks, of at least 2% and the 1.5% back from any of the portals, I will be coming out ahead. I will likely wait until there’s a targeted eBay bucks offer for extra before buying as I am in no rush for this device. 

What Does This All Mean?

Shop around and figure out what’s best for your needs.

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  • I was telling my husband the other night about how paying attention saves money. I wanted to buy something for our home, and found that, among other places, Macy’s had the lowest price.

    I knew that I needed to get a few Alaska Air miles to keep my account current, so absolutely was buying through their portal.

    But because I also checked GiftCardGranny for rates on Macy’s GCs, I paid 13% less for item, while also earning 2X miles on it, along with the 1.5 miles (bonused through 6/30) with the old USAir card.

    It made me happy!


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