Tool For Manufactured Spending At Staples

I tweeted the other day about needing help with the Staples SKU naming convention


— Chasing The Points (@ChasingThePts) May 7, 2014


I had mentioned a while back I was looking into a programming the tool myself, but learning how to program has been moving at a glacial pace that I am looking at programmer to do it. In case you couldn’t tell from the vendor I was alluding to in the post, it is Staples.

Finding their rebates is fairly easy: https://www.stapleseasyrebates.com/

If we look for any BlackHawk Network rebates, then we know there’s going to be a profitable gift card churn as the eligible items are Visa or Mastercards that have a rebate.

This is what I’ve learned so far and could use a little crowdsourcing help:


If a SKU starts with a 0 then it is a page of multiple products which you could access as www.staples.com/directory_089310

The same can be said if it starts with a single 2.

If the SKU is a regular item, then you can access it at www.staples.com/product_220943

If we can come up with all of the combinations of how it starts, the programming work can be then be figured out on what type of page to load. Once the programming completes, we can figure out what items from Staples could be a profitable sale



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  • would love to help, but i can’t figure out what the end goal is based on this post.


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