The One That I Let Get Away

No, we’re not talking about my love life today, but we’ll talk about the one credit card that I messed up and let get away from me. When I signed up for the United MileagePlus Explorer in 2013 and then closed in 2014, it was right before the devaluation to partner awards and I believed everything about how bad the program would be after the devaluation. Since closing the card, I have learned all the benefits about the card that makes it worthwhile to keep the card. Too bad Doctor of Credit didn’t ask every one earlier!

I bring this up because a friend of mine and I were discussing how lucky we are living in the New York metro region. We have access to all 3 big US carriers hubs, almost every international carrier, and the close proximity to all the airports. What other metro region is like this? The only one I can think of is possibly LAX or SFO.

Why The Change Of Heart?

I pride myself in opening credit cards for the ones I know I will need and use. I don’t chase cards for the bonuses because to me the bonuses to me is extra gravy. At the time, I thought I could hit the $25,000 spend for the extra 10,000 miles, but wasn’t able to keep up. I plan to reopen a United card in the near future, but it will be a business account as I gear up for reselling and to actually separate the business spending from my personal expenses.

In addition to the other bloggers’ reasons for having the MileagePlus cards, here are 3 additional reasons why I want another one again:

  • Bonus miles from the MileagePlus X from being a UA cardholder
  • Bonus miles from the MileagePlus online shopping mall from being a UA cardholder
  • Earning United miles are so ridiculously easy I can literally sleep and there’s more miles the next morning
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  • Don’t forget the greater UA award inventory available to cardholders………

  • I never thought earning UA miles like from UA were all that easy… and it takes so many to redeem a meaningful award.

    • Not directly, I probably should have mentioned through conversion from Ultimate Rewards makes it the easy part

  • I agree with Trevor, I don’t think UA miles are that easy to get. Unless, you’re talking UR conversions. However, I do agree that the app is pretty rewarding.

    So, how many miles did you woke up with this morning?

    • Yep UR conversions.

      I’m ramping up the process, but I earned 15 miles

      • Hmmm… 15?!?! I’m only getting 6+UA & 3 non-Ink. Are you hitting OM/OD? And you don’t have the UA card?

  • Let a newbie offer a suggestion.
    Why don’t you get the card and link it to NW Visa Buxx — since it is a Visa this should be doable.

    Then, every month load $1,000 into your account and liquidate as you see fit.

    You are therefore, about 1/2 way there to the $25,000 spend bonus that you would like to reach for the extra miles!

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I split my NW Visa Buxx loads between my Barclay’s Miles and More and Chase British Airways

  • Glad it proved useful!


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