The $10,000 Spend For $25 Is Nearly Over

There have been so many messages that have come across my lap regarding the spend $10,000 at a cost of $25 from this original post. Many more requests have come because of yesterday’s post on what I did with eBay and Target. For all those that got into it early, congratulations! You were able to get into a limited time offer. I say it’s nearly over because the new rates won’t go into effect until some time next week. Sure the better rates are still ongoing now, but I don’t think you’ll have enough time to buy the cards today and turn it around and sell it.

With the current messages that require an answer, I’ll respond as soon as I can. Unfortunately, for those still wanting to know and haven’t asked, I also will not out this method publicly.

Deal Differences

The reason why I will not out this method is because there has not been a sweeping policy change like Target. Because of that policy change, I outed the method because support for a 90% rate doesn’t seem like it will be back any time soon. The $25 method will come back. When? I’m not sure, I’d imagine after all of the gift cards sell and the market can support paying a higher rate for the gift cards to reenter the secondary gift card market.

I saw this post on Doctor of Credit where he linked to Miles To Memories’ post on Gift Card Wiki. This is a site I wasn’t aware of previously and is quite comprehensive and much better than Gift Card Granny. With Gift Card Wiki, I was able to see the spike in inventory in this particular vendor in the last 5 to 8 weeks and that is causing the downward pressure to the rates. The site is pretty awesome, stay tuned for some of my thoughts on the site.


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  • Depending on the card, you can do $10k for $50 on visabuxx for those who still have it. Pretty easy and painless.

  • Would love to learn another method in case I need to generate a bunch of SPG points in a hurry. Does the $25 method work with AGC?

    • No, unfortunately it does not

      • Yet, it involves an Amex card! So it would work with the spg cards. How can I find out more?

  • Does it involve Amex OPEN?


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