I Spoke Too Soon About Gift Card Granny’s Flash Deals

Not too long ago, I wrote about Gift Card Granny’s new Flash Deals and I’ve been keeping an eye on it. It turns out it’s really not as good. Points For Later has it covered that it’s not that useful and I have to agree with him.

Here’s a recent screen shot, only one from eBay and it’s not even from a vendor I would buy from.

Flash Deals


This person is better off using the iTunes gift card or selling to a friend.




Here’s the screenshot from the first time I wrote about it. Only the Staples deal was a true deal.




Finally, another example of why Gift Card Granny’s Flash Deals isn’t as good as I thought it was – Doctor of Credit posted this deal and it’s no where found on Gift Card Granny’s site:




I understand that Gift Card Granny is a for profit site and they are likely earning more money from an affiliate link than using the eBay API to find out the gift card deals from the big four brands. But that’s the point of a “flash deal” is to list only limited time offers that are heavily discounted. Sure the cards that they have listed are limited time opportunities and discounted, but these cards can’t be bought in volume that’s available on eBay.

At this time, we’ll have to write this one off as a tool that’s not good enough for our purposes.

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  • with the advent of giftcardwiki, granny will quickly become old news, no pun intended 🙂

    • haha yea, I thought it was quite apropos about granny and the new kid on the block being better

  • I cannot unsubscribe from giftcardgranny.com


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