Staying Connected While Traveling Abroad

Our really special colleague in manufactured spending, Milenomics, wrote a nice piece on how he stays connected online while traveling, his inspiration has me writing about how I do it.

2 ways that I can think of to staying connected:

Your device needs to be any Android device that is on the supported list and get the app called PDANet+ or FoxFi. I bought it when it was just about $15. Now it’s about $8 (at the time of writing this) and it is totally worth it. Wherever I go, I will always have secure device (unless the US Marshals services are intercepting the cell service) connecting to any of the banking institutions that I may need to use while traveling either home or abroad.

I love having FoxFi because now I can tether my laptop or other wireless devices. As for voice? You’ll need to follow Milenomics’ steps for the Google Voice number.

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  • You should check out http://attachearrivals.com – they can send you a local SIM card before you go. We used them for a trip to Paris and it was awesome to stay connected without ducking into cafes.


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