Selfishly I Am Glad Club Carlson Devalued

Last week, Frequent Miler broke the news of Club Carlson devaluing when a reader noticed the small blurb at the end of the statement. I wouldn’t say I was ready to sign up for the Club Carlson card, but I was seriously considering it for my next round of credit cards. I had thoughts of it because I could use another hotel card for me to have additional options. I will not repost all the details of the Club Carlson card, but like everyone else, the Bonus Night Award was the deciding factor. But we knew it was not sustainable, right? A buy one get one free is just totally nuts for the long term.

Why The Second Thoughts?

A couple of weeks ago, while chatting to the agent about squaring away my Flexperks flight incidental, I asked if I could have a second Cash+ card. Why did I ask? Doctor of Credit let us know that it was available to apply online again. Guess what? The agent said yes I could. With that thought stewing for a second card, Chuck Sithe who writes on Doctor of Credit also updated us that the Cash+ card now has as $100 sign up bonus. The fact that Club Carlson devalued its credit card program, it helped me make the decision where I would apply for a second Cash+ card.

Why The Cash+?

Remember, I don’t chase sign up bonuses, and the $100 sign up will be gravy. I love the Cash+ card for the 5% categories that I can choose. What’s nice is that US Bank has a $2,000 quarterly limit instead of $1,500 compared to Discover or Chase’s Freedom card.  That means I can manufacture spend $8,000 per year instead of $6,000. Knowing that I can have a second card, I could do $16,000 per year. In my research, there’s a store that’s categorized as an electronics store that sells lots of gift cards. I would earn 5% back towards the cost of gift cards when I churn them.

For the record, it’s neither Best Buy or Rakuten. An additional hint: you can earn points on the purchases and convert them into United Airline miles.

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  • Any other hints? I’m more intrigued by your “additional hint” then by the cash+ card to be honest.

  • Read your blog regularly and religiuosly. Still couldn’t figure out the name.

  • I wish I knew too! Great blog by the way..

  • @Monumia @Ad, I went through some history of my posts and I realized I haven’t written much about it. In the next couple of weeks, stay tuned so I can give a few more hints

  • I’m not able to figure it out. Tried backtracking from United but no luck.

  • I tried to figure out the additional hint too but to no luck. Can I get an email?

  • Same here, though I am admittedly an MS novice. Any additional hints would be greatly appreciated.


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