Apologies If You Missed An eBay Deal

Last week I wrote about using Kimono Labs and scoring an eBay gift card deal. If you were relying on it, you might have missed out on an awesome deal earlier in the week from SVMGiftCards where you buy a $100 ExxonMobil gift card for $90, an easy money maker, but it looks like it is back.



Thank you readers for letting me know that the scrapes weren’t updating. There were 2 issues I found out why it wasn’t updating:

  • Google Drive needed to be updated by me
  • Kimono Labs link were not set up properly

The spreadsheet link that I posted had to be manually updated with the latest pull. Therefore, when folks were checking it didn’t have the latest data unless I synced it. I also noticed the links were different for Paypal and GiftCardMall set up in the API, so I’ve fixed it so all of them were from eBay without being logged in.

At this time, I need you to bear with me as we grow through the growing pain of getting the eBay gift card deals. We installed a plugin to tap into Kimono Labs directly and you will see the data below:

[kimono api=baqmikjy apikey=3dgpMWHFQ5KR9r2tbVNTq0DslDHnmpkI title=”SVMgiftcards” width=700]


What To Expect:

But as you can see, it’s not as intuitive with retrieving the data when it was in Google where you can sort by the sale price. What is good about this method is that when a scrape occurs, the data displayed will be in real time. I am looking into ways to manipulate the data displayed so it will only be a fixed price. This way the noise of gift cards that are listed in a price range will be removed.


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