Perfect Timing To A Gift Card Promo

Today, I saw Chuck posted on Doctor of Credit about a $20 Staples promo and this is perfect timing as I was ready to write a quick blurb about CashStar. The promo that Chuck posted was buying $100 Staples gift card and you will receive a $20 Staples gift card with a limit of 2 cards.

I was going to write about CashStar because a few weeks ago I posted about how they were listed on TopCashBack and the landing page was all messed up. The good news is TopCashBack fixed the link and if you click-through TCB to CashStar you should be good to go to earn 2% back. For me, the rate that I have for Staples gift cards is 86% and this would be an easy money-maker of $6.40 for a straight purchase. After TopCashBack, I’d expect this to profit $10.40 before any points or miles.

Edit: Thanks to Noah for double checking, I missed the $20 back is not a Staples gift card, but is basically a $20 coupon that has an expiration date. Therefore, this deal is not as good as a pure gift card churn. I think to make it work, you’d need to resell something from Staples like Big Habitat or Trevor on Tagging Miles would do.

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  • Looks like the $20 bonus card has an expiration date, so you probably won’t be able to sell it to any of the gift card places.

    It’s still a good deal if you have spending to do at Staples in the next month, but not so great for gift card churning.

    • Thanks Noah – will have to update the post, that changes the math entirely

      • Or a FAR item.

        • I like this idea the most!


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