New Online Gift Card Vendors With Cash Back Opportunities

I hadn’t seen this posted anywhere and thought this was some nice news. The rates aren’t a blow me away type of cash back, but it’s nice to see.


I saw on Cashback Monitor that CardCash has a portal paying out 1.5% through Sunshine Rewards. Does anyone have experience with them? You’ll only receive 1.5% back on purchases up to $1000. If Sunshine Rewards is reputable, this opportunity presents another avenue to buy gift cards and sell to another exchange and profit.



Gift Card



CashStar runs a few promotions every now and then for discounted gift cards like Staples. And I just saw they’re listed on TopCashBack for 2% for online purchases.

Cash Back

The terms and conditions is a bit contradictory as CashStar sells gift cards:

Please note; cash back is not eligible on the purchase or redemption of gift cards.


If you click through the “Get Cashback Now” button, the landing page for CashStar is on Landry’s.



If I were to take a guess, I don’t think TopCashBack + CashStar is ready for prime time yet.

Bottom line:

It’s nice to see additional options for gift card churning. Additional cash back from any where will pad the bottom line and will reduce the overall cents per point and can push you into the positive territory making you money.



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  • Met the lady who runs sunshine rewards. reputable businesswoman who’s had her company going strong for a decade. I’ve never used the website myself though

    • Thanks Voyaging Doc for the feedback! This is good to know. I was looking at the site and they have a forum as well, using VBulletin, and that’s not a cheap platform to use. I’d take that and assume they should be pretty good.


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