My Presentation From #ResellingDO With Notes

I opened up my draft presentation to review for some folks attending the #resellingDO for questions on the day of the event. There seems to be more people in attendance than the count of people in the Saverocity Forum ResellingDO section, so this is a public service announcement for the folks that read the blog and not in the Forum. Be sure to message Trevor to gain access to this section. There is a thread there that has the original draft to the presentation and now has my final presentation.

In the presenter notes section, I’ve included everything that I remembered that I spoke about. The notes won’t display in the preview mode, so you’ll need to download the presentation to see the notes. As I mentioned in the presentation, feel free to contact me if you have any questions



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  • Has there been any talk of a second DO? I’m really trying to step up my reselling this fall, and would love to catch the next one. Was it focused just on reselling products or was there much on merchant GC?

    • You’ll have to connect with Trevor on the second one

      It was a general reselling of everything. My presentation focused on my niche, gift cards. Tim walked us through some sourcing, John spoke to us about sales taxes, and Trevor gave us ideas on how to make a big boat load of money.

  • Thanks. It was good talking with you at the event. I learned a lot and appreciate the effort you and the other presenters made to share your knowledge.


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